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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Skin conditions on your foot

Seeing skin conditions or skin irritation on the toes, toenails or foot is a daily event for those practicing podiatric medicine.

The most common irritations are caused by pressure, immune reactions, fungus, viruses, bacteria or parasites. It is important to see a foot specialist if you have a skin problem so that we can determine what the irritation is caused by and therefore decide on the appropriate medication/treatment.

In our experience, most cases are caused by pressure and the skins reaction to pressure. The next most common cause is our own immune system. After that, fungal and viral infections seem to be the culprit.

The foot needs a balance of dryness and moisture. Too much moisture makes a good environment for infections and too dry could lead to cracking and fissuring.

Tip: if you have difficulty drying between your toes after a shower or a swim, spray a little isopropyl alcohol (IPA 50% or IPA 70%) on the tops of your toes – it runs down between the toes and keeps them dry.


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