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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Why do orthotics cost so much?

Why do Prescription Custom Foot Orthotics (PCFO’s) seem to cost so much ?
Chiropodists are often asked this question. Here are some things you should know about PCFOs; In Ontario, the business of selling PCFOs (which are medical devices) is NOT regulated. So anyone can sell them. Chiropodists ARE however regulated by the College of Chiropodists and the province under the Chiropody Act. As such, we are held to strict standards for prescribing and dispensing orthotics. Most insurance companies will only honour your claim if the PCFOs are prescribed and dispensed by regulated health professionals like your family doctor or chiropodist.
The PCFO device itself is only a piece of high tech plastic – so why does it cost so much? These medical devices are designed to treat medical conditions, eliminate, mitigate and/or prevent symptoms from various pathologies and/or biomechanical abnormalities. The education and clinical experience required to assess/diagnose these pathologies or biomechanical abnormalities in a patient requires years of training and experience. In addition, the correct casting of your feet, the writing of a prescription which identifies the type of device and specific accommodations also requires expertise – as does the manufacture of these devices. The total cost should reflect a blend of product and medical service and expertise.
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